Daniel Smart Photography | About
[All about Me]
I am a Husband and Father of two Great Kids, I love Weddings, Holidays, Coffee,
Black & White Photographs and Monster Munch.
I photograph people at their happiest, which gives me a great outlook on life.

Photographing different people makes me smile, whether its kids at a wedding or street photography in New York. Landscape photography bores me (too much waiting around with nothing happening).

My favourite childhood memories are riding my bike and swimming with sharks.
My biggest goal in life at the moment is to have one of my photographs on the cover of a magazine.

I am a lifestyle & Documentary Photographer, my main aim is to freeze life’s wonderful moments in picture as they happen, to give you a cherished photograph that you can look back on for years to come.

I am [PASSIONATE] about my ART in photography.

[What to expect from me]

My aim is to provide an enjoyable and relaxed documentary style shoot to capture natural images throughout your wedding day.
You may wonder how to act or when to smile, but I will guide you through you wedding day and blend into the background to capture the true essence of your day.

I aim to provide you with an online preview of your wedding day photographs with 7 days of your wedding day, I would usually have 300/400 photos online. You can then preview your photos in the comfort of your own home and take your time to choose the memories for your wedding album.

There will be no hard sell or inflated prices. I want you to have the services and memories in a style that suits you as an individual couple.

Please take a look at my blog to see some photos from recent weddings.

Thanks for visiting,

Danny :-)